Abigail Lagden

  • Sculpture
  • Textile
  • mixed media
My name is Abigail Lagden and I am a self taught artist based in the beautifully rural County Durham, UK. I specialise in fabric sculpting and mixed media and have been running creative workshops across the North East of England since 2016. I also sell my curious creations in person at events, fairs and festivals, as well as through a couple of local shops and art spaces. I love all things magical, fantastical and mythical, which certainly comes out in my creations. I like to create things that make people smile and appeal to some part of their inner child which still craves adventure and secret worlds. Fabric sculpting is a fun, messy, hands on/in craft which involves creating highly textural pieces using fabrics, a fabric hardener and anything else you feel like including! It takes you back to childhood art classes where there are no rights or wrongs and you can let your creativity run wild. In my workshops, I guide you through the techniques I use, demonstrating each step and showing different examples of what you could create. You can follow the workshop to the letter and create something almost identical to my workshop example, or if you feel comfortable, you can easily take the project in a slightly different direction to suit your own style or incorporate what you have in your stashes. I strongly believe that there are real therapeutic benefits to be gained from creating. It's not about how good you are at it as the end result is actually only a very small part of the happiness creating brings. It is in fact allowing yourself to become completely absorbed in the creative process that brings real joy and detachment from the stresses everyday life which we all need from time to time.

Current courses

Create a stunning statuette with artist, Abigail Lagden, using fabric sculpting techniques. This video tutorial is available immediately following purchase and does not have a specific start/finish date.

Price £45.00

A perfect introduction to fabric sculpting - taught by artist, Abigail Lagden, this workshop will teach you all the techniques needed to create a magical journal cover. This online workshop takes you through how to create your project step by step, with each technique fully demonstrated and explained.

Price £24.00

Create stunning, removable and reusable bottle collars with artist, Abigail Lagden, using fabric sculpting techniques.

Price £20.00

Create a fun and characterful little gnome with artist, Abigail Lagden, using fabric sculpting techniques.

Price £27.00