Lucy Oates

  • Collage
  • Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Textile
  • Abstract
  • Environment
  • Experimental
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
I have experience teaching, printmaking, traditional drawing, painting, crafts and mixed media textiles to both children and adults. I am a practicing artist and designer myself, my specialising in mixed media. I have worked as a private art tutor, online art tutor and a workshop facilitator. I have experience working with many ages and am adaptable to working in different environments with students from different backgrounds/learning abilities. My experience as a tutor was tutoring one to one drawing lessons to a child, often adapting my lessons to meet the pupils needs, as I believe all art lessons should be a fun experience. My experience as a workshop facilitator has been at Design Me Textiles- a screen print studio. Here I co-ran screen printing workshops. The workshops would vary in numbers, age and ability. This entailed prepping for all levels and demanded my ability to multi task and cater to multiple people’s needs at once. I always encourage my pupils to continue with printing when it doesn't go to plan, mistakes are ok, and sometimes the best part of art! Prior to this experience I assisted the artist Carol Waller for a day teaching OAPS screen printing, again this was demanding as some needed extra care and attention when explaining and demonstrating I always encourage my pupils to experiment, and look for other ways to do things. In my own practice I fuse traditional techniques with waste materials, this is often translated in to my lessons, as I recognise not everyone will have art materials available to them, so home alternatives are great.

Current courses

# of sessions 1
Location Online
Starts 6:00pm on 8 July 2020

A short course in a range of printmaking and mark making techniques which have all been adapted to utilise materials you already have available to you. Mixed media artist Lucy Oates will share with you her tips and tricks on how to create work with limited materials. This workshop is for those who love experimenting and creating marks!

Price £50.00